Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Blue Bear is Mine

I've posted before about how the person in our office who comes closest to predicting turnout without going over wins the traveling trophy of the little blue stuffed bear.

We play Price is Right rules and how handy for me.  I guessed 5.4 percent and the turnout was more than twice that at 11.1 percent.  Another staff member guessed closer, 12 percent, but the Blue Bear is cozying up into my office, thanks to the interpretation of the rules.

We're only two weeks from the next election, so it may be a short visit.

This one--our first with Photo ID--will be remembered more for the return of the trophy than anything unusual.  Reports from the ground showed no issues with photo ID and only one provisional ballot, issued because of a name change and not because of the ID.

We had a great group of election workers at the polling location, including a fill-in for a cancellation.  The fill-in typically is a supervising judge, so we had lots of leadership at the polling location, and the four set a high-standard.

To my earlier post mentioning, "There is no such thing as a perfect election," I think for this one, at least, we've said, "Au contraire!"