Sunday, March 31, 2013

We're Number 13!

Last year I posted the possibility of Johnson County elections being among the top 10 attractions in the Kansas City area, based on attendance.

Of course, and especially with this being Easter Sunday, I would argue that church is the number one attraction when adding up those attending masses and services throughout the year.  (It's interesting, in that context, that worship is also distributed a la polling places--although maybe not that interesting because churches often are polling places).

But with some looking at Tuesday's projected turnout of around 10 percent and wishing it were higher, I do think it's worth looking back at the total number of Johnson County voters in 2012.

388,283 voters cast ballots in 2012.  Many more cast provisional ballots that by law could not be counted.

The Kansas City Business Journal's Friday edition lists the top 25 attractions, based on attendance, in the area last year and Johnson County elections placed 13th.

Still, the amount of voters topped visitors to Union Station (364,074), the American Royal (270,000), the T-Bones minor league baseball (260,620) and Starlight Theater (230,474).

I still maintain that the Election Office was the largest attraction that didn't charge admission or a fee to participate.  So, that's something.

It's also interesting that Union Station is now home to our friends at the Kansas City Election Board.  If Missouri gets advance voting, we might just have ourselves an attendance contest in 2016!

(I typed that with a cowboy drawl.  It just seemed appropriate).