Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Check-In

There have been a couple big reasons for my lapse in posting.

First, as happens about once a year, an overly out-of-control youngster attempts to kick a soccer ball while it is in my possession (hands, I'm a goalkeeper) and, instead, kicks me.  And, by kick, I mean this latest was a Chuck Norris roundhouse into the kidney.  The ball was five feet off the ground; there was never a chance the ball would be kicked.

So, I haven't felt like doing much of anything, let alone breathing or typing.  I'm mending and I think I'm a couple of days away from being able to stand up straight again.

It's put a blow into my continued hope for a goalkeeper glove endorsement deal ("Your election's in good hands.")

Second, it's been incredibly busy, and busy in a "there's so many things I could blog about" way.

We've got budget, postal, Photo ID/citizenship, and planning things going on and I need to provide updates on all of them.

I'll take the easy one quickly here. 

We again have a friend at the Postal Service.  It's our same friend, actually, who saved us during the winter blizzard election from our local Post Office that delivers excuses more frequently than ballots.

He'd been unreachable during the beginning of our Olathe Mail Ballot election and I worried he had moved on, taking a new job.

But, no!  We connected and he did some sleuthing on his own and drew the same conclusions I had.

I guess that's bad and good news.  We're just a few weeks from getting our ballots ready for the largest mail-ballot election in county history, so it's definitely good news that he's dialed in.

Next week, I'll be traveling to an election geekfest in Washington for a day to talk about some of the issues that triggered the formation of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

So, I hope to have a few updates next week.  For now, back to wheezing.