Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Day of The Voter

This is a bit of a fun photo collage essay post because we're getting ready to send ballots out this morning, first thing, for the August Election:

Our training manual cover.  The theme was more than
a blog gimmick.  It's now an election training gimmick.
Still, in all seriousness, the concept isn't a gimmick.  We are
committed to being defined by how we take care of voters.
Objects are larger than they may
seem--8,500 ballots headed out.
From the Kansas City Star today, some of our
"A" list part-timers running manual tests on each
voting machine.  The tarps, by the way, are just
protection should the warehouse sprinklers go off.

Part of our new ballot printing system.  Isn't that an attractive
cart in blue?  I'll have a post on that soon.

Many, many returned postcards.  Last
postcard mailing--spring 2014.  People move.