Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Day Like No Other

I spoke to the Rotary Club of Western Johnson County last night and the presentation was like no other.

Specifically, I often explain how many elections we've had (67 in the approximate 10 1/2 years I've been here).

People ask us what we do when we don't have an election and I usually say, "I don't know.  That hasn't happened yet."

But, now, with no election in 2015 on the horizon, we're in uncharted territory.

The city of Shawnee was considering an election for a vacancy, but the decision was made last night to appoint the person, according to the city's charter ordinance.  A school district has a Board member facing a potential recall, but the committee has several steps to clear before that happens.

So, right now, our next election is the spring of 2016.

That's unless there is a change in the timing of spring elections, still possible with a legislative action this year, and I discussed this last night.

Mostly, then, the presentation last night was a tune-up for the things I'll be discussing as we head into the presidential election next year.

We are scouring the county for polling places and new election workers.  I pitched the Adopt-A-Polling Place program that could be a rather large fundraiser for the Rotary.

I also showed a video prepared by a Princeton graduate student that explained the question I'm asked often, "Why can't we vote on the Internet."

I liked the student's video, and commented as much on his YouTube site.  I didn't care for the ending, where he explained that, for now, he's fine waiting in line to vote until security issues are addressed.

I'm not fine with anyone waiting in line to vote.  I know it happens, but my targeted wait is 0 minutes.

That's a topic for another post (and was the topic for earlier ones, too, Dear Reader, if you are so inclined to scan back in time).

I've attached the presentation from last night--that will seem familiar--and inserted the video below.