Friday, July 27, 2012

Perfect Elections

We've gone to great lengths to amp up our training in 2012.

I've already posted about gussying up our training room's technology so we can step into the 21st century with multimedia training.  One thing we purchased in 2011 but haven't yet put our heads around is the ability to have our workers take interactive quizzes in our training room.  That's a goal for this fall.

And, we also noticed the need to compress more information into our training time.  We block off three hours for training and pay our workers a whopping $15 to attend training.  I personally deliver the training, so it's an intense period right now.

When I attened the ITIF Accessible Elections Design Workshop earlier this year, I was impressed when they brought in artists to help facilitate the discussion.  It inspired me to be on the lookout for an application for similar creativity.

With our training needs, I started pondering the value of a whiteboard "lecture" kind of presentation that would be jammed with information and be innovative.  We've created such a thing, but it became, perhaps, too jammed with information.  I wanted it for new election workers and a test run a couple of weeks was a bit overwhelming.

We refined it and I think the perfect place for this video is with our supervising judge training.  The supervising judges attend refresher training and then come back for a second training on what is involved as a supervising judge.  These election workers are essentially our A list of workers and are expected to be experts.  This video reminds them of key things.

Further, it captures my philosophy about election administration.  I think it would be good for candidates to watch as well to gain a better understanding of provisional ballots.

I'm obviously proud of this video and would be interested in your comments.  I hope you find it informative.


John Groh said...

This is very weel done and effective- John Gorh