Monday, July 23, 2012

Training Intermission

On the eve of advance voting in person, we have completed 18 hours of election worker training.

Each class has taken the fully scheduled three hours.  We could have gone for five hours and still left items on the floor.  Elections have become that involved.

Really, being an election worker means learning the exceptions.  With 95 percent of voters processed the same way, the other five percent become the focal point.  The one out of a hundred, five out of five hundred, and one out of a thousand type of scenarios pile up for the workers.

Workers prepare for one of our 3-hour refresher trainings
on Saturday.  More than 300 attended this session.
Add to that the unique voting options for unaffiliated voters in this election and you have a 150-page manual and much to master.

One thing I've mentioned here is that there also is an outreach dimension to our election workers.  We want them to know as much as possible not just because of the election but because these workers are influentials in their own circles.  They become their own vehicles, in their personal lives, to ensure election day goes smoothly.

These trainings over the past week have been distinguished by their engagement.  They've almost been too engaged, jumping to questions about modules before they are presented.  I try very hard to make the sessions interactive, but at times I've had to explain that we'll get to their question with material ahead.

So now, we have a couple days away from training, with the focus on the beginning of advance voting at four locations tomorrow.  We have six hours of training on Saturday, ensuring that I will be achy Saturday night.  All of us, in fact, are wearing down (not unexpected, these are physically draining periods).  I expect that advance voting will spark some energy tomorrow as we start to see the results of all of our work come together.

Our advance voting location at the Great Mall of
the Great Plains, one of four locations opening