Thursday, April 25, 2013

On the Clock

Here in Kansas City, it's NFL draft day and that's larger news than normal because the Chiefs currently own the number one pick in the draft.

The draft has become so theatrical that only the first round is conducted the first day.  Tomorrow, it's rounds 2 and 3.

So, assuming the Chiefs select a player in the first 15 minutes of the draft, the Chiefs are done for the night.  Scouts and player personnel staff can go home and even sleep in because the Chiefs, at the moment, don't even have a 2nd-round pick.

Of course, that's crazy thinking.  Even after making a selection, the team will be working hard, monitoring the selections of other teams and strategizing what might happen if the Chiefs did pull off a trade for a 2nd-rounder, or, worse-case, planning for round 3.

In fact, I'm sure the front office staff will be up tonight as late as the team that makes the final pick of the first round.

I bring up this example because it correlates to my last post.  Election day is not the end of work, but often it is assumed to be.  It's no more quittin' time than it will be for the Chiefs after the first selection is made.

Our April election, though, was officially wrapped up yesterday, when we met (as we always do as a staff) to conduct a post-mortem and review the good and bad, from an administration perspective, of the election.

Actually, we don't "always" do that--we did, for the first time, skip one--the February blizzard election. We had enough of that atrocity.  We didn't want to relive it further.  We will be walking through that in our nightmares for a while.

Our post-mortems are over lunch and give everyone a chance to reflect on things away from draft day.  I imagine the Chiefs will have such a meeting as well.

In the meantime, we're on the clock for another election.  Military and overseas ballots for the Olathe School District go out tomorrow!