Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That's a Bright Idea!

Our office received some validation last month with our use of iPads.

Specifically, Harvard University's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation has awarded our iPad solution at the polls (now branded the Election Worker Electronic Resource Guide) a 2013 "Bright Idea."

Our employees conceived of the innovative and cost-saving use of technology after we deployed iPads in our office last year.

We received word of the award last month but were asked not to announce it yet.  However, I saw today that the 13 winners were announced last week.

So, beans spilled :-)

The link below simply goes to the Harvard site and the list of national award winners.

I'll plan to follow up here with the entry info and description in the coming days.

The brief summary on the site reads:

Johnson County has matched election worker needs with technology by using electronic aides in election day administration. This initiative evolved from training election workers online to the deployment of an Election Worker Electronic Resource Guide, which includes training presentations, opening and closing checklists, countywide precinct maps, a keyword-searchable soft copy version of the training manual, examples of photo IDs that are acceptable for voting, and a street index guide that is used to direct voters to their correct voting locations.