Monday, September 23, 2013

Olathe Post Office Woes, Continued

Yesterday, I blogged about the number of undeliverable ballots involved in the Overland Park mail-ballot election.

In today's morning mail, we received 1,997 more undeliverable ballots, bringing the total to more than 6,000, out of about 111,000 mailed.

That's not the lead here, though.

We also received one voted ballot.

Yes, one.

With 111,000 ballots mailed, and at least 100,000 arriving to valid households, with about 5,000 back through Friday, only one came through over the weekend.


I offer this as People's Exhibit A why the rhetoric espoused at the federal level by the Postal Service doesn't equal the service level on the ground.

I emailed our contact in Kansas City.  To everyone's surprise but mine, the Olathe Post Office made a special second delivery this afternoon of more than 7,000 voted ballots.

With the election ending at noon, if this had been election day, that's 7,000 voters at risk thanks to our Post Office.  Our tracking capability to assertively claim that we know ballots are "in the building," can't come soon enough.  Again, we should have it by the time we start the Olathe mail-ballot election next month.

At least we avoided the Olathe Post Office on the way out :-)