Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shark Week

Occasionally, I've slipped in a stealth post on this blog.  That's what this is.

With every post, I send out a Twitter feed and link to the post on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Well, usually at least.

I can't explain it, other than maybe compare it to a hunger pang, but if I've been too busy to post, it wears on me.  At some point, I have to put something up, if nothing else but to reduce the guilt of not posting.

When I've done that, I haven't sent out the feeds.  Hence, the stealth post.

I'm way behind on my preparation for my first marathon next month and am running a half-marathon in gazillion degree heat tomorrow, so beyond elections, that's been time-consuming.  I'm also leading the county's United Way campaign effort and that got real over the last couple of weeks, too.

All of this while we are preparing for our large Overland Park mail ballot election.  Most of ballots have been stuffed and we expect them within a week as we work on our new process with Pitney Bowes.  I plan to take photos and post them here.

So, I'm left with the stealth filler post for a couple of days.  To have some content I've always wanted to share, I'll speak briefly to stats on the blog.

The blog gets about 2,000 unique visitors a month these days (and, no, that's not me 1,999 times).  I can see keywords used often to get to the blog and the most common one, of all time, after "electiondiary" is Fonzi.

Early on, I did a post related to "jumping the shark," and 54 people have come to the blog searching for something related to that phrase or Fonzi.

Go figure.  Election days really are Happy Days.

So, sit on that until the next post.