Saturday, January 7, 2012

Got ID?

Starting with the fact that we have no money budgeted for outreach, we're doing all we can to get the word out about the new requirements regarding voter ID in Kansas.  The Secretary of State's office is planning a full-court press, but they are money-constrained, too.

The best news for us was that the Secretary of State chose the same group for their outreach campaign that we used in 2008 in Johnson County--Whitworth Ballou.  I know them well and that familiarity has to help us in 2012.

Last year, we had the great idea of obtaining a 15-passenger van from surplus, previously used by the Sheriff's office, so we could transport election workers from the back of the parking lot to the front door during snow and ice situations when we had training.  So, a free van, but the plan backfired because (remember, this was a van for inmates), we realized after the fact that there was no way to open the doors from the inside.

We've decided to turn the van into a moving billboard.  Okay, it only moves when it runs, and it doesn't run right now (free, you know), but it will run again and in the meantime, we'll park it outside our office.  We'll take the van to festivals and such.  The wrap cost more than the van is worth, but we found this effective in 2008.