Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Written Word

Journals and diaries, by nature, are text-laden.

But in blog form, they look very gray.  Over the year, I plan to augment the written word with video clips, from training to voting machine setup.

I can promise you that these videos will not be exciting.  If a video can be made to be gray, I will be the one to do it.  That's a bit of the point of this site, though--somehow, a collection of boring things can be interesting.

This site is where, "No one has really done that before, " collides with, "Boy, that's mundane."  Hopefully, there's comfort in boring.

Elections is a logistics-based business.  And, it's a business where scale matters.  A $10 extension cord becomes $3,000 when one is tossed in each supply bag for polling places.  There's a time and motion cost for getting it into the bag, let alone getting the bag out the door.

It's a bit of a jaw-dropping experience when going into our warehouse for the first time, seeing rows of voting machines and rows of supply suitcases organized by polling location.  I'm hoping to give you some sense of that over the year.

The site itself will evolve over time, as I become more adept at ways to incorporate visuals into the site.  Users of Internet Explorer 9 may need to put the site into compatibility mode to see all photos.