Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Shoot Follow-Up

Wednesday was spent filming the actor I mentioned in a number of (hopefully) humorous skits to show over-the-top versions of scenarios election workers might experience on election day regarding Photo ID.

We plan to show the video and then take a still from each segment and discuss procedures if the scenario occurred.  Some of the scenarios include voters who want to engage in a discussion with the election worker about Photo ID, a voter who left ID in the car, a voter with a non-government ID, a voter who didn't want to show ID, a voter whom the election worker knows personally (still must show ID), and a voter who goes by various names.

The crew shot clips with 10 different characters, all played by the same actor.  Actual election workers played the roles of election workers.  More on this as the video is edited.  Expect some more posts soon on election worker training.  Here are some of the characters: