Brian D. Newby is now the State Election Director in North Dakota's Secretary of State Office.  He came to North Dakota after completing a four-year term as Executive Director at the US Election Assistance Commission.

His election administration career began when he was first appointed Johnson County Election Commissioner by Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh (R) in January 200.  He later was appointed by Secretary of State Chris Biggs (D) and Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R). He was the 8th Johnson Countian to serve as Election Commissioner.

Newby administered 69 elections while earning national recognition for operational and technological innovation excellence.   Newby has administered more elections than any other election commissioner in Johnson County history, and is the only Kansas election commissioner to be appointed by Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State.

On October 22, 2015, by unanimous vote of the Commissioners, the US Election Assistance Commission appointed Newby to a four-year term as the second Executive Director in the history of the agency.

This blog has been on hiatus but is being renewed, with the purpose still the same.  All content here represents Newby only, not that of any agency or office where he currently or was employed.